Within Sodo Wedding Venue Review

within sodo wedding

Within Sodo is a gem tucked away in the SODO area of Seattle, WA. This wedding venue is also great for weddings, corporate events, graduation parties, anniversary parties and private parties. I have dj’d here before but today I was able to take a private tour to really see the venue.

If you’re considering a within sodo wedding, check out this review to find out why I think this a great place to have a wedding or private event.

Within Sodo Wedding Venue Review

within sodo wedding
A Within Sodo wedding ceremony taking place in one of the downstairs rooms.

The downstairs of this place has a large room divided in half by a wall with a large walkway on one side of it. On one side of this room, you can have a wedding ceremony that could accommodate about 100-120 guests comfortably.

This venue also features a built in sound system that goes throughout the entire venue and in each location, the volume can be controlled individually. Whoever you choose as your Within Sodo wedding DJ will love this feature too since they will be able to plug directly into their system. That means less DJ equipment to set up and teardown.

Once your wedding ceremony concludes, your guests can go upstairs to a rooftop deck area for a cocktail hour while the downstairs gets converted into a reception setting. There is a bar upstairs and don’t forget, the music that your wedding dj is playing can still be heard (if you’re choosing to have a dj for your wedding entertainment). This is ideal in great weather obviously.

within sodo wedding
Rooftop cocktail hour for a within sodo wedding.

Then everyone can come back downstairs for dinner and the rest of the festivities. The other half of the room has the main DJ sound system in it and would be used for dancing.

There is also a back room on the main floor that could be used for something like a photo booth area and again, guests would still be able to hear music and any important announcements that may be made by your emcee.

There are several other ways this venue could be used like having a rooftop ceremony and everyone coming downstairs afterwards but however you would decide to use it, it’s worth checking out.

Within Sodo Wedding Venue Review – Corporate Events

For a corporate event, Within Sodo is great for the many different rooms and areas it has.

If your corporate event is going to have things like a fundraising auction, casino, photo booth, etc., they can all be in separate areas without feeling detached from the overall event. With the sound system that can be played throughout the entire venue, your guests will not miss important announcements like a grand prize drawing getting ready to be held or raffle drawings throughout the event.

This can also save you money because at a venue where there are multiple areas that doesn’t have a sound system, you would have to pay your event dj extra, to provide remote sound to those locations.

within sodo wedding
Dance floor at Within Sodo.

Within Sodo Wedding Venue Review – Graduation Parties

For much of the same reasons why Within Sodo is great for a corporate event makes it good for a graduation party too. You have multiple locations but yet you don’t feel separated from the overall event. You can have a hypnotist in one room, photo booth in another, dancing in another, etc.

Did I mention you can pump the sound throughout the entire venue? Also that could save you money since you wouldn’t have to pay your event dj to bring DJ sound equipment.

Brian is the contact person at Within Sodo and he is very accommodating, patient, helpful and very easy to work with, and that’s just another plus about this venue.

If you’re planning an event and haven’t chosen the venue yet, check out Within Sodo.

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