Winter Honeymoon Destinations

winter honeymoon destinations

Planning and choosing a honeymoon destination might not be as easy as it sounds. This is largely compounded by the fact that the honeymoon is a post-wedding event, and the wedding itself might have taken a heavy toll on the newly wedded couple.

Things can further seem to dampen if the honeymoon is to take place during the winter.

However, as a guy -whether you are romantic or not- you should choose a honeymoon destination wisely. This is because the honeymoon is an unforgettable vacation that will forever be written in your mind.

Fortunately, if you do not know where to start, this article will offer you some brilliant winter honeymoon destinations for you to enjoy with your significant other.

Ideas for Winter Honeymoon Destinations

1. Lapland in Finland

winter honeymoon destinations

If you are a more adventurous couple, then Lapland in Finland would be a magical destination for you and your lover. Picture being pulled on a sled by a reindeer as you transverse the snow-covered forest. Picture spending your nights in a gorgeous igloo. Picture cuddling your better half on a fireside in the igloo as you profess your love for one another.

Lapland in Finland would be dream come true winter honeymoon destination.

2. Hawaii

winter honeymoon destinations

If cold weather is not your cup of tea, then the Hawaiian islands would be a perfect destination for your winter honeymoon. The islands that make up Hawaii enjoy year round warm weather.

Imagine, enjoying a sunny afternoon on the strikingly white beautiful beaches. Imagine, gazing at the panoramic view of the stunning sunset with your significant other.

Hawaii would definitely be a paradise for your winter honeymoon.

3. Finnmark in Norway

Winter Honeymoon Destinations

Finnmark is another great winter honeymoon destination.

It offers exquisite, one-of-kind retreats that are second to none. One of its gem hotels is the Alta Igloo Hotel. The Alta Igloo Hotel is a stylishly luxurious hotel that is made of ice and snow. You will be amazed to find that even the glasses at the bar are made of ice.

The hotel also has a sauna and hot tubs for you to relax and unwind during your winter honeymoon. During the night, the two of you can retire to sleeping bags and cover yourselves with reindeer fur to keep warm.

4. Costa Rica

winter honeymoon destinations


Costa Rica offers an adventurous winter honeymoon. Journeying through its forests and mountains using horses will give you a magnificent view of Costa Rica.

Choosing Costa Rica as your winter honeymoon destination is also advantageous due its budget friendly hot spots.

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photo credits:  Tenaciousme (top) Timo Newton-Syms (Lapland) Nan Palermo (Hawaii) Dan Nordal (Finnmark) Armando Maynez (Costa Rica)