Make a Wedding Reception Music Playlist that Keeps the Party Moving

wedding reception music playlist

It is during the reception when the newlyweds and their guests get to have fun. It is all about the celebration. Needless to say, the party is never complete without some nice music playing on the background.

It is important that you and your groom make a good wedding reception music playlist, to ensure that you can put everyone in the mood for dancing.

Dynamic Wedding Reception Music Playlist

People from different generations with varied music preferences will be coming to your wedding. It is impossible to please everybody, but you can get majority of your guests dancing if you have an excellent wedding reception music playlist.

In addition to the latest pop songs, you should also include songs from different genres. This will keep it interesting and fun without becoming predictable.

Pick the Right Song for the Right Moment

Like most weddings, you may have prepared a program for the reception. Make sure your wedding reception music playlist includes songs that are appropriate for a particular part of the program.

Choose a song for the first dance, father-daughter dance, and the final dance. Those dances will feel more special if the lyrics meant something for you.

wedding reception music playlist

As for the rest of the evening, choose any danceable songs that make people want to dance. Avoid songs about breakups or cheating; they might ruin the fun.

Make Sure Your Favorite Songs are Included

Remember, this is your party so the person who should be having most of the fun should be you and your lawfully wedded spouse. The reception party will probably last for several hours, so you have to include as many songs as you can. Include the favorite songs of your friends, but your favorites song should be your priority.

Hire a seasoned wedding DJ, so you can guarantee that music would be the least of your worries during the big day. They will work closely with you. This ensures that you get to hear all the songs you included in your wedding reception music playlist.

Photo Credit: Matthew Juzenas (top) John Hope (bottom)