Wedding Reception Games For Guests

wedding reception games for guests

Wedding reception games for guests to play at a wedding reception are a lot of fun. Guests get really involved and if you have a great wedding DJ/MC to pull if off right, it will be a huge success.

wedding reception games for guestsWhen you go to a wedding, a lot of times there are very nice centerpieces on the dinner tables. Sometimes, a lot of time, effort and energy has been put into them whether it’s choosing the right one, spending a lot of money for them or even preparing each one individually for that more personal feel.

The wedding reception goes on and at the end, I’m asked to make an announcement that anyone who wants a centerpiece can take one. Then even after that, I’m told to please take one as there are many left over.

All that time, effort and energy now feels like it went to waste. DUBREEZY ENTERTAINMENT likes to put some excitement into giving away the centerpieces by way of wedding reception games for guests to play.

Wedding Reception Games For Guests – Centerpiece Giveaways

Here are some fun wedding reception games for guests to play in order to win the centerpiece.

1. Tickets/Stickers Under Chairs/Plates

You can always go with the simple tape a ticket under one chair at each table and at some point have the DJ/MC announce that the centerpieces are going to be given away to the person who has a ticket under their chair. Sometimes we tell the person with ticket to pass it to the person on their left or right and tell them “congratulations, you just won the centerpiece.”

2. Napkin Toss

Similar to the tickets, we will have a guest at each table grab a napkin and make it into a ball and toss it around the table, we have them cross it across too. We play some music and when it stop, whoever is holding the napkin is the winner or we make them pass it off to someone just like with ticket above.

wedding reception games for guests3. Dollar Bill Hot Potato

Have a guest at each table pull out a dollar bill and pass it around the table when we stop the music, the person that is holding the dollar will think they are the winner but the DJ/MC will say that the person who supplied the dollar is the winner.

4. Search out the Winner

Sometime for a more quick and easy way, we can just say whatever couple has been married the longest at each table or whoever rsvp’d first or whoever’s anniversary date or birthday is the closest to your wedding day, etc.

Wedding Reception Games For Guests – More Options

Of course there are other options like donating them to local hospitals or giving them away to close friends and relatives if you don’t want to do any games and activites. If the winner doesn’t want it, they can always offer it to another guest who may want it.

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