Planning a Wedding of Your Dreams in 10 Steps (Part 1)

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What happens after the moment when she says “Yes”? In movies, they live happily ever after, bringing up beautiful kids, and hugging all that time. In real life, the situation is pretty similar. There is one difference. In real life, after the proposal, a happy couple has to come through a long period full of wedding preparations, money counting, and worrying about the future. In order to make this time easier and more enjoying, we’ve compiled a 10-steps guide for everyone planning a wedding.

Planning A Wedding Made Easy

1. Setting the budget

First of all, you should answer several questions. What’s the real budget for your ideal wedding? How much money can your relatives contribute? How much time do you need if you plan to save up? What’s the main wedding theme? What style do you and your partner like most of all? If you’ve agreed on answers to these questions, congrats – half of the work is already done!

2. Choosing priorities

The next thing to consider is your priorities. For example, if you really care about finding the best reception value but don’t need a fancy car, do the right choice. Find out about things to save some money on. Discussing it with a partner, you’ll understand what plans are top-priority for both of you.

Planning a wedding becomes easy with these 10 tips.

3. Thinking about the numbers

You may have a billion of awesome wedding ideas in your head, but when it comes to numbers, everything may ruin your plans. For example, have you already chosen the date? If you want to get married at a special reception venue, make sure it isn’t booked. Check whether the closest friends and family members can be with you on that date. Besides, it’s high time you’ve started thinking about the guest list.

4. Organizing your plans

This wedding tip may sound a bit strange. However, having all the information, checks, and lists in one place, you’ll save a lot of time. Besides, a folder with everything needed and a file somewhere safe in the cloud storage will be a lifesaver.

Planning a wedding becomes easy with these 10 tips.

5. Creating a checklist

It’s not possible to remember everything. Your thoughts will skip from picking a dress to ordering the cake for a hen party. With a wedding checklist that features even the tiniest details, all your plans have more chances to be carried out. Moreover, looking at a row of checks, you’ll understand how much work you’ve already done.

There are 5 more steps on your way to planning an ideal wedding. Hurry up to find out about them in part 2 of planning a wedding of your dreams in 10 Steps.

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