Wedding Party Entrance Songs

wedding party entrance songs dj

Start the Party with a Bang through Wedding Party Entrance Songs

After the ceremony, the newlyweds and their guests proceed to the reception in order to party in celebration of the new life the couple will share together.

Like most couples out there, you may have prepared a short program for the reception. Just like the ceremony, the entourage and the newlyweds would have to enter the venue through a grand entrance.

It creates a sense of formality to the party. In order to make your entrance as dramatic and fabulous as possible, you need to have the right wedding party entrance songs.

wedding party entrance songs

Use a Unique Playlist for the Wedding Party Entrance Songs

It is likely that you already played songs for your engagement party and for the ceremony. In order to avoid redundancy, you have to organize your playlist early on.

Organizers recommend that you reserve the songs you like for your wedding party. As for the engagement party, use a playlist made of songs requested by guests. This ensures you are not listening to the same songs over and over again.

Opt for Songs with Upbeat Tempo

The wedding ceremony is a solemn event, and that is why mellow love songs with big dramatic orchestrations is a more appropriate choice. In the reception however, the mood is more celebratory.

With that in mind, your entrance to the venue should feel more energetic and romantic at the same time. It does not have to be pop dance songs. Any genre will do as long as the wedding party entrance songs you use would make everybody want to party.

Hire a wedding DJ right now if you want to make sure somebody who is an expert in this matter is overseeing the music for the party. Discuss all the wedding party entrance songs that you want to hear at the party with the DJ so he can prepare them. By choosing the right songs, everyone will immediately know they are in for an awesome wedding reception.

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