Wedding Guest Etiquette

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Paying Respect to the Couple on Their ‘Big Day’

wedding guest etiquetteHaving been invited to attend a wedding is always a great pleasure.

For most people, receiving an invitation card from a soon-to-be husband and wife marks the start of some preparations. An invited guest would normally plan what to wear, thinking that his or her outfit should match the motif of the wedding.

In addition, he or she plans what gift to bring. As an invited guest, it is your ‘obligation’ to know some wedding guest etiquette and make sure to apply them on the wedding day.

Learning Basic Wedding Guest Etiquette

Right after reading everything written on the card, it is ideal wedding guest etiquette to respond immediately. If you are free on the scheduled date of the wedding, then text, call, or send an email to the couple confirming that you can come. Otherwise, if you have other events to attend to on the wedding day, then first choose which your priority is.

The wedding of your sibling, your close cousin, or your best friend should not be missed. If the other scheduled event on the wedding day is not really important, then just cancel it.

Otherwise, if missing the prior event would mean losing your job, then explain it to the couple. You are invited because you are special to them; so for sure, they would understand your reason for not being able to come.

wedding guest etiquetteOne other wedding guest etiquette is to prepare and send a gift. This is true whether you will attend or not. Some people would send gifts in advance, while some would bring them during the actual day of the wedding.

Donning a formal dress or suit, being on time, and being respectful to other invited guests are other examples of wedding guest etiquette.

When attending a formal event such as a wedding, it always pays to be sensitive.

This means turning off mobile phones or if not, placing them on silent mode. Keep in mind that your cell phone might ring anytime, causing disturbance to the solemn ceremony.

Next, avoid bringing other people with you. Avoid being tagged as ‘an invited guest who also invites others’.

Lastly, which most guests are guilty of not doing; ask permission from the couple if you want to upload photos of the wedding on your favorite social media sites. Do not be a ‘spoiler’. It is rather appropriate to wait for the couple to upload wedding photos first, before you do so.

All wedding guest etiquette means one thing – paying respect to the couple and understanding the essence of their wedding day.

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