Wedding Grand Entrance Idea

Wedding Grand Entrance Idea

There are many great wedding grand entrance ideas out there. You want to choose one that will set the tone for your wedding reception and that tone should be set as – it’s about to be a party.

Here is a typical wedding grand entrance idea we like to use with some of our most popular wedding DJ packages.

Wedding Grand Entrance Idea – High Energy

Your DJ/Emcee has made an announcement for all guests to take their seats to introduce the bride and groom and to start dinner.

About 10-15 minutes go by when the lights go out and the DJ dance floor lights come on. An upbeat song starts to play like an instrumental version of “Happy” by Pharrell Williams and the DJ/Emcee starts to introduce the wedding party making a brief mention of how they are connected to the bride or groom or where they’re from or something like that. Each of them coming in doing a fun or goofy dance.

“Levels” by Avicii would be another great song for the wedding party to be introduced to.

Wedding Party Entrance Song Ideas

Wedding Grand Entrance Idea

Bride and Groom Grand Entrance

When it’s time for the bride and groom to be introduced, the music stops and some brief fun facts about the bride and groom are said by your DJ/Emcee. The fog machine gets going and the special song chosen by the bride and groom will start to play and they are introduced.

They enter in with claps and loud cheers and join the rest of their wedding party and pose for a few pictures for their photographer and guests and the receptions moves grand entrance idea

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