Wedding Entertainment – Wedding DJ vs Live Band

If you are undecided between booking wedding DJ services for your wedding entertainment or a live band, you may want to read this post. Many couples are having a great experience using one or both of these entertainment services.

It can be confusing on which service(s) to go with so this article will illustrate the critical factors of both wedding DJ services and a live band so that you can have all the information you need to make an informed decision on which wedding entertainment service is best for you.

wedding entertainment wedding dj vs live band

What’s the best wedding entertainment choice for me?

Let’s jump right in, here are the pros and cons of using a wedding DJ vs live band.

Pros of Wedding DJ Entertainment

  • Wedding DJs have the ability to play pretty much any song in the world
  • Wedding DJs don’t require as much as an investment
  • Wedding DJs tend to be more experienced as emcees
  • Wedding DJs need less space

Pros of a Live Band

  • You are experiencing a live performance
  • Live bands can bring more energy to the room than a DJ
  • More visuals than a wedding DJ
  • Live bands can customize songs or the lyrics or both

Cons of a Wedding DJ

  • If people aren’t interested in dancing, a wedding DJ can be boring
  • You are limited to the version of the song(s) the DJ has unless you arrange for your DJ to edit the song prior to your wedding

Cons of a Live Band

  • Live bands require more of an investment than a wedding DJ
  • You are stuck with one style for the whole time
  • Live bands take breaks (this is solved if you hire wedding DJ also)
  • You can be limited on song choices

In a nutshell, it will really just comes down to what style of wedding entertainment you want at your wedding.

Hopefully this article provided you with some insight for you to make a practical decision on choosing a wedding DJ vs a live band.

If after reading this article, you decide you want to hire an experienced wedding DJ, contact us today. We serve Seattle, Tacoma and all of the Pacific Northwest. Inquire about destination weddings.

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