Top 5 Wedding DJ Tips You Need to Check Out

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5 Wedding DJ Tips

According to Gladwell’s 10,000-Hour Rule, in order to become a professional in some field, one must practice for 10,000 hours. Of course, many people question the truthfulness of this rule. 10,000 hours of constant practicing seems to be like something unrealistic. As a professional wedding DJ, I understand the importance of practice and its effect on general performance. Nevertheless, I also know that there are some wedding DJ tips one may use to perform successfully without having already spent 10,000 hours on DJing. Here are more details.

Wedding DJ Tip #1 – Learn how to read a crowd

Creating the right atmosphere with the help of your music is one of the most difficult and most satisfying tasks. In order to become a pro, learn how to read a crowd. Pay attention to what’s going on around. Of course, you shouldn’t betray your taste and forget about the wedding couple’s music preferences by playing only the type of music the crowd wants. However, you should maintain your style and get the balance right.

These wedding DJ tips will save you from embarrassing situations.

Wedding DJ Tip #2 – Watch your volume levels

It’s all about the balance. Listening to loud music may be great, however, it may also be inappropriate. Make sure you check the volume levels at different locations and from different perspectives. Remember that the music sounds louder from in front of the DJ booth than behind it.

Wedding DJ Tip #3 – Your music needs to be organized

One of the most helpful wedding DJ tips is to always be ready for everything. Playing the couple’s favorite songs, lowering the volume on background music for guests proposing toasts, creating that perfect music atmosphere for different moments – are you ready for all these moments? Are you sure you can find the right song when it’s needed? If not, start this day with organizing your music.

Wedding DJ Tip #4 – Know the logistics for loading in and setting up in advance

You’re a pro. There are some situations when improvisation is the only possible way to behave. Nevertheless, having a plan covering your actions from the very beginning until the moment the last guest leaves is key. You’ll save yourself from many problems and embarrassing situations. Moreover, it serves as a guarantee that you’ll get referrals again and again. Everyone wants to hire a good wedding DJ who behaves like a pro and can provide clients with detailed descriptions of one’s actions in different situations.

These wedding DJ tips will save you from embarrassing situations.

Wedding DJ Tip #5 – Practice, practice, practice

One of the most obvious wedding DJ tips is to practice. However, some people forget about it, looking for slick solutions. Enjoy what you’re doing. Focus on constant development. Practice as much as you can. The results are worth it!

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