Wedding DJ Dance Floor Lighting Options

Wedding DJ Dance Floor Lighting Options

People often ask us if we provide wedding dj dance floor lights. Our answer is usually – of course we do. Now there are some special circumstances where we may not bring them in situations like it’s a daytime outdoor wedding or the venue you have already has lighting or anything else along those lines.

We do however offer a few different lighting options for weddings.

First Wedding DJ Lighting Option

The lights you’ll see in this first video, from our Instagram account, is what we usually show up with at every wedding.

It’s one to two multi-color LED dance floor lights.

This is from a holiday party I DJ’d for at the Seattle Marriott Waterfront… This guy has the moves though, check him out!!!

Second Wedding DJ Lighting Option

If you want to add some more lights that also will include a disco ball effect light and strobe light, it would more like what’s in this video from a wedding I DJ’d for on Whidbey Island at Fireseed Catering.

Of course there is an additional charge but check out the bride as she iced her groom during the garter removal.

That was such a great moment at that wedding.

Uplighting Options

Uplighting is something that we also offer. Here is an example of what uplighting is and how it looks at an event.

With uplighting, you can choose any color you’d like and when it’s time to start dancing, we can even put them on a program where they change a bunch of different colors at random.

Now if you’re looking for something like this…

Wedding DJ Dance Floor Lighting Options

You will just have to contact us directly so we can put together a custom lighting package for you.

Contact Dubreezy Entertainment today for your wedding DJ. Schedule a no-obligation consultation to discuss how we can make your wedding fun and exciting with our DJ and lighting options.

photo courtesy of Salt and Pine Wedding Photography (top) and Dominic Kealey (bottom)

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