Guidelines in Writing a Wedding Ceremony Script

wedding ceremony script

wedding ceremony scriptMaking a meaningful wedding ceremony script is quite important for couples who are about to tie the knot.

With so many things to do, you might find yourself on the brink of panic when you realized that you have not come up with a single word for the script when you only have a few days left.

In that case, consider following the tips discussed below.

Secular or Traditional Wedding Ceremony Script

An increasing number of couples prefer a secular script for the ceremony. However, traditional wedding ceremony scripts are still popular especially for those who are having a religious wedding.

Couples should discuss what kind of wedding script they would like to have for the ceremony. Just keep in mind that the content of the script does not need to be completely religious or secular.

Choose a Central Theme

wedding ceremony scriptIt is easier to make a wedding ceremony script if there is a central theme you are following. It helps keep the entire script cohesive with a clear direction.

Basically, this will allow you and your fiancé to express how you see marriage and what made the ceremony significant.

Most couples create a script in which the ceremony and the vows are considered a symbol of a new beginning in their life.

Structuring the Wedding Ceremony Script

Following the usual format is absolutely fine, but you can also make your own format. Before you decide what format you are going to choose, consider the time frame you have allocated for the ceremony.

wedding ceremony scriptIncluding all the usual components of the ceremony script may not be the best option if you intend to keep the ceremony short. Feel free to remove some of the components to fit the script to your needs.

The best thing about making wedding ceremony scripts is you can customize it in any way you want.

Make your own ceremony script, and touch the heart of everyone who hears it. Remember, it is your wedding and you can do whatever you like with the script.

As crucial as the script is, the entertainment you give to guests during the ceremony and reception is also important. This is the time in which you need an great wedding dj.

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