Wedding Ceremony Readings

wedding ceremony readings

What would love be without words? This is a crucial question because words have a profound influence on love. Words are the sunshine in the earth of love; they are flowers in the garden of love, and they are the melodious tunes in the music of love.

Words are the air that love breathes. Due to this profound influence of words on love, a wedding ceremony is never complete without some beautiful wedding ceremony readings.

The words in the wedding ceremony readings have to be carefully selected so that they can evoke feelings and deliver the message of love to the intended recipient.

Below are some of the places you can search for wedding ceremony readings that will ensure that your wedding ceremony will be a forever blazing memory;

Places To Find Wedding Ceremony Readings

The Bible

wedding ceremony readings

The good book is a classical masterpiece to mine for wedding ceremony readings. If you are a religious person, then the Bible would be your best bet to get deep wedding ceremony readings.

Several thoughtful and awe-inspiring wedding ceremony readings can be found in both the New and the Old Testament.

Quintessential examples of a wedding ceremony reading in the New Testament would be 1 John 4 (verses 7-12), 1 Corinthians 13, Mathew 19 (verses 4-6), and Mark 10 (verses 6-9). The Old Testament also has some great wedding ceremony readings in Genesis 2 (verses 24-28) and Ecclesiastes 4 (verses 9-12).

Poetry and Plays

You also have the option of mining words from poems and plays for your wedding ceremony readings. There are poetic and philosophical poems and plays that would effectively help you with words that would melt even the iron and stone hearts.

Shakespeare is one of the prolific poets, who, from his works, you can get romantic and classical content for your wedding ceremony reading. Examples of Shakespeare’s works, which would be great for ceremonies joining lovers include; Sonnet 116, Sonnet 75, Sonnet 115 and Sonnet 18.

Novels and Literature

Great books of literature, both new and ancient, can offer a viable option to get great content for your wedding ceremony readings. “The portrait of a Lady” by Henry James is an exemplary novel to use. There is an extract for this amazing novel that by stating “It has made me better loving you… has made me wiser and easier…” and such words would be wonderful for a wedding ceremony reading.

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