Wedding Budget Spreadsheet

wedding budget spreadsheet seattle dj

One of the first things to do when planning for your wedding is to figure out your budget. A wedding budget spreadsheet is a great tool to use to help guide you through the financial side of your wedding.

Keep in mind that one wedding is not necessarily better than the other one base on the amount of money spent. That being said, don’t start your married life in debt. Use only the services that fit into your budget to reduce financial stress.

Make sure you find out from all the vendors that you choose if their prices include delivery charges, setup fees, taxes and gratuities. You don’t want to be surprised a week or so before your wedding.

wedding budget spreadsheet

Tips for your wedding budget spreadsheet.

When setting up a budget it is recommended you set up a separate bank account strictly for your wedding. It will be easier to track the funds and they will be separate from your regular finances.

Also make sure you always pay with a credit/debit card or check for easier tracking.

Here is a sample breakdown of average spending on a wedding by percentages:

Reception – 40%
Honeymoon – 10%
Engagement Ring – 14%
Photography/Videography – 15%
Bride and Groom Attire – 5%
Music – 4%
Flowers – 3%
Invitations – 2%
Miscellaneous (clergy fees, rehearsal dinner, attendants gifts, limos)- 7%

Download The Wedding Budget Spreadsheet

How not exceed the figures in your wedding budget spreadsheet.

If the wedding costs start adding up too fast, consider these money saving ideas:

  • Have your wedding on a Friday or Sunday or what’s considered “off-peak season”. Most vendors offer discounts during these times.
  • If you really want it Saturday, have it during the daytime.
  • Reduce the guest list. Any and everybody doesn’t have to come.
  • Determine what’s most important and spend more money in that area.
  • Shop around, just make sure if you find something cheaper that you’re getting the same level of service or same product from them.

Here is what the bride and her side of the family traditionally pay for:

  • wedding gown and accessories
  • invitations
  • flowers for the decorations and wedding attendants
  • photographs
  • video
  • wedding reception
  • entertainment
  • transportation for wedding attendants
  • gifts for bridesmaids
  • accommodations for bridesmaids

Here is what the groom and his side of the family traditionally pay for:

  • groom’s wedding attire
  • rehearsal dinner
  • officiant
  • boutonnieres for the groomsmen
  • marriage license
  • groomsmen gifts
  • all honeymoon expenses
  • accommodations for the wedding attendants
  • bride’s bouquet and corsages for both mothers

The wedding attendants’ expenses are:

  • wedding attire
  • traveling expenses
  • wedding gift

We have put together a wedding budget spreadsheet for you to use to make planning your wedding easier for you.

If you are in the process of planning a wedding, contact us today to learn how our DJ entertainment services can help make your wedding a fun and memorable one.

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