Uplighting the Panoramic Room in Seattle

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If you’re having a wedding or event in the Panoramic Room at the Pacific Tower, uplighting is an absolute must. This venue already has breathtaking views of the Seattle skyline and sports complexes, but to add uplighting is like putting the icing on the cake.

After performing an event there, I had to go back to take pictures and explain more in detail why this venue is perfect for uplighting.

The room is essentially a half circle. The back wall has the bar in the middle and entrances to the room on either side.

Panoramic Room Pacific Tower

The rest of the semi-circle is all windows with pillars in between the windows.

Panoramic Room Pacific Tower

This all being said, I found that there are three different options for the amount of uplights you’ll want to have.

Panoramic Room w/Eight Uplights

The first option for uplighting is to have eight uplights. This is the least amount of lights you’ll need. They can be placed on each of the six pillars and in the corners on the sides of the DJ booth. Four would go on each side of the room.

In this picture, you will see the four places to place the uplights.

Panoramic Room Pacific Tower

This option would be the most economic option as well.

If you’re looking to step it up a bit then the next option may be for you.

Panoramic Room w/Ten Uplights

Adding two more uplights can really bring out the feeling in the room. I would add them to the pillars along the back wall on either side of the entrances to the room. One of the pillars I’m referring to is right in the center of this picture.

Panoramic Room Pacific Tower

The other one is on the opposite side.

Now if you really want to impress your guests, check out the next option.

Panoramic Room w/Twelve Uplights

In the lobby/foyer area of this venue, there are two pillars on opposite sides of it.

Panoramic Room Pacific Tower

Put some uplights on those and as your guests are coming off the elevator, they’ll be greeted by the warm feeling that uplights bring to a room.

After reading this post, I hope I was able to shed some light on how many uplights you should have if you’re having an event at the Pacific Tower.

Dubreezy Entertainment provides uplights for $49 per light.

Contact us today for your wedding DJ, event DJ or uplighting needs for the Pacific Tower.