Unique Wedding Ideas Every ‘Soon-to-be-Wed’ Couple Must Know

unique wedding ideas in seattle

Across the globe, dozens of couples get wed every day. With this prevalence, it is possible for some invited guests to say, “Their wedding was just like John and Anne’s, or whoever they know.” For sure, no couple wants to hear that.

Aside from wanting the ‘big day’ to be perfect, couples also need it to be one-of-a-kind. From the motif, theme, venue, to the events during the wedding reception, you – as the bride or the groom – do not want it to be like your friend’s wedding. Therefore, here are some unique wedding ideas you have to learn by heart to prevent other people from tagging your wedding as ‘typical’.

Unique Wedding Ideas when Picking the Motif and Venue

Unique wedding ideas √ When picking the motif, do not go mainstream; instead, choose distinctive colors that only few couples would pick. The common wedding color motifs are red, pink, gold and blue combination, and lavender. If you want to be unique, then you can choose colors such as coral green, peach, plum, or dark blue.

√ One of the best unique wedding ideas when it comes to the venue is to choose an outdoor location. Although formal, a wedding held in the church or a giant ballroom hall is quite ordinary. Nowadays, a wedding held at the beach, garden or farm is elegant, romantic and impressive. If you are looking for more unique wedding ideas regarding venue, then take time to watch this three-minute video.

Unique Wedding Ideas when Choosing the Decoration

unique wedding ideas

√ During the reception, flower pomanders used as table tops are common.

For the decoration to be unique, hang these flower pomanders on the ceiling instead. Just make sure to provide extra support to keep them from falling.

Unique Wedding Ideas during the Reception

√ During the final part of the wedding, which is the reception, make sure to have a professional wedding DJ around. The good news is you do not have to look far for such DJ since DUBREEZY ENTERTAINMENT can provide one for you.

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