Unique High School Reunion Ideas

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Make your high school reunion more memorable!

Here are four high school reunion ideas to make the event personally unique and extra momentous!

High School Reunion Ideas to Try

#1 Decoration in Throwback Mode.

Fill the venue with that familiar high school spirit. Do some throwback stunts in your decorating scheme by using the school colors in the palette.

If you have a batch favorite in the color wheel, let it be part of the main decoration layout.

You can also incorporate the schools banner, mascot and motto and make everyone feel like high school was just yesterday. Collect some old photos, memorabilia, class souvenirs from friends and display them on a large wall which can also be used as the photo-op backdrop.

#2 Games in Reminiscence.

One of the many high school reunion ideas you should try is to incorporate games during the event.

High School Reunion IdeasBreak the ice with the hot hurls of the past! Facilitate games that would make everyone think back of what happened during high school.

Create a list of major events locally, nationally or internationally that happened during the year of graduation in a game called “A Year in History.” Play pin the tail on the donkey, but this time, use handmade eyeglasses to pin on your favorite teacher’s image. Or let your high school pals sing their hearts out for a graduation karaoke. And, at the end of the reunion, take a new ‘class’ photo with everyone.

#3 Memories and Memorabilia.

Don’t make anyone leave empty handed. Hand out personalized, high school themed party favors. You can give out alumni items such as mugs, shirts, pens, stickers, notebooks, card holders, magnets and more!

With them, attach a familiar old class photo. Monogrammed items such as keychains, mugs or printed bookmarks are simple yet great souvenirs for everyone to remember the high school reunion fun.

#4 Dine in Style.High School Reunion Ideas

After coming out of a reunion theme, it’s also vital to figure out the dining style. Whether it will be formal or not, speak with your caterer on your available options depending on your budget, the venue, the theme and your guests in general.

If your finances allow, you can even opt for a chef action station for more personalized, interactive menus.

Reunions should always be memorable. Now, make the one you are organizing more exceptional with the help of a seasoned DJ from Dubreezy Entertainment.