Unique 40th Birthday Party Ideas for Men and Women

unique 40th birthday party ideas dj seattle

Hosting a birthday party is not easy, especially if it is your 40th birthday. Everybody will expect it to be awesome, fun-filled and unique. Surely, the pressure is on for those born in 1975. Well, you don’t turn 40 everyday and it’s just right for you to celebrate your birthday in the best and grandest way possible.

To impress your guests and most especially yourself, heed to these unique 40th birthday party ideas.

Three Unique 40th Birthday Party Ideas

unique 40th birthday party ideas• Go Hollywood!

All of us love the glitz and glamour of Hollywood! Regardless of your gender, a Hollywood-themed party would be perfect for your 40th birthday. When sending out the invitations, of course you have to indicate the theme and require your female guests to wear a gown and coat and tie for gentlemen.

Decorations are always important when having a party. And because the theme is Hollywood, do not forget the red carpet. Lastly, while waiting for some guests to arrive on the day of the party, you can play your favourite movie and let the early birds watch.

unique 40th birthday party ideas• Be one with nature!

The first of the three unique 40th birthday party ideas we will feature today was about the theme. Now, let’s talk about the venue.

Majority of adults spend their daily lives working in the office. Perhaps, you are one of them. In fact, because of work, you may even find it ‘unusual’ to be outdoors. On your birthday, go out and see the world! Be one with nature! This means you can go camping, fishing, or perhaps skiing. Invite your relatives and close friends who are both nature- and adventure-lovers.

• Experience a luxurious cruise!

As what we mentioned in our other ideas for 40th birthday, give yourself a treat. Going on an ocean cruise would be perfect. As a tip, book the cruise in advance to steer clear from sky-rocketing fees. In addition, what better way to end your day in a luxury ocean liner than to dine at a classy restaurant?

Here’s a short video showing what to enjoy when on a cruise ship.

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