Two Tips for Choosing a Prom Venue

ready for high school prom

High school prom is an event that is, for most students, the last dance of their high school lives. Along with a great school dance DJ, you must have a top notch prom venue for the festivities to take place in.

We’ve provided DJ services for hundreds of proms across Seattle, Tacoma and all over the Pacific Northwest and as a result, we’ve had the opportunity to see many different venues and have came to some conclusions of what works great and what does not.

Take note of these two quick tips to assist you when it comes to choosing that perfect prom venue.

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What To Look For In A Prom Venue

Venue Lighting

When you’re browsing for venues to host a prom, one of the first things you need to check on is if the lighting can be dimmed. This is important because there is a great light show that, in most cases accompanies the sound system. In order to enjoy that light show to it’s fullest, there can’t be too much other outside lighting.

In addition to making sure the lights can dim, you also want to make sure that there or no other large hallways or doorways that shine a lot of light on the dance floor area. In many cases, the room could have been setup differently for a more optimal entertainment experience which brings us to the next tip…

Room Setup

When a prom venue is selected, it’s a good idea to include your DJ when determining setup of everything. Your DJ can bring insight from their perspective and then it can even turn into a mastermind session on how the room should be setup. This is also a great time to find out about what the lighting situation.

If there is no input from the DJ, there could’ve been a better way to set it up but it will be too late to change.

Here’s a video clip from the Mariner High School Prom 2016 at the Seattle Art Museum, with the students turning down for what… #turndownforwhat

Fog Machine

Lastly, ask your venue if a fog machine is allowed. Fog machines bring another element to the light show that just brings more energy to the dance. If your venues allows for a fog machine, then by all means, have your DJ bring it along.

Prom Venue Exceptions

There will be some exceptions when a DJ has performed at a certain venue lots of times and no input/visit is needed for the setup. In this case your DJ will infomr you about how the setup there typically is.

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photo credit: Shannon McGee