Top 10 Best Usher Dance Songs

best usher dance songs

Usher Raymond IV debuted his first big hit in 1994 with the single “Think Of You.” Over 20 years later, he’s still pumping out hit after hit like a well oiled machine that hasn’t lost its touch. His latest single “Good Kisser” is another one of those sultry, sexy songs that will stick around for awhile.

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After listening to this song, I thought I would share some of the best Usher dance songs I’ve used over the years to keep the dance floor going.

Top Picks For Best Usher Dance Songs

Here are my picks for best Usher dance songs in no particular order, well… maybe the first one!!

1. Usher – “Yeah!” feat Lil’ Jon (2004)

This one has yet to fail me.

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2. Usher – “Scream” (2012)

As EDM is became more popular, this was always a great one.

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3. Usher – “Confessions, Pt. 2” (2004)

This one is great when there is a mellow mood on the dance floor.

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4. Usher – “U Don’t Have To Call” (2001)

Taking it back a little bit with this one.

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5. Usher – “U Remind Me” (Remix) feat Method Man and Blu Cantrell (2001)

The remix of this song made this one a club banger.

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6. Usher – “Bad Girl” (2004)

This one is perfect for the r&b music lover.

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7. Usher – “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love” feat Pitbull (2010)

Very popular during it’s prime and still is a good one today.

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8. Usher – “OMG” feat Will.I.Am (2010)

He named his entire tour from this song in 2011.

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9. Usher – “Lil’ Freak” feat Nicki Minaj (2010)

This one has a nice flow to it.

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10. Usher – “Just Like Me” feat Lil’ Kim (1997)

For all the 90’s r&b music lovers.

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Best Usher Dance Songs Playlist

Here are the best Usher dance songs in playlist format.

What do you think Usher’s best dance songs are?

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