Tips In Organizing Your 20th High School Reunion

20th high school reunion dj seattle

20 years have passed in fast pace. Yes, it has been 20 years since your extremely exciting high school graduation.

You might be wondering what has transpired over such a long time. Indeed, a lot has happened. Catch up on the lost times and discover what has changed and what hasn’t.

Let everyone know it’s time for the 20th high school reunion!!!

6 Reliable Ideas For Your 20th High School Reunion

20th high school reunion#1 Learn from wedding anniversaries.

What’s the symbol for a 20- year long marriage? It’s either China or Emerald. Celebrate 20 years of friendship based on how married couples do such a thing.

You can get two or more tips about the party color and theme that revolves around timelessness and loyalty.

#2 Determine the location.

Choose the venue in advance with important considerations in mind such as the venue’s distance from most of the attendees, the number of confirmed participants and the cost.

#3 Join the tech trek.

Remember Facebook’s promise? “Stay connected”. With the vast number of social media sites and innovations of technology, you can connect with your high school friends once again, even if they are miles of oceans and land masses away.

Send your invitations online or through social network at least a year before your date of reunion.

#4 Get some help.

You can’t do the footwork alone. Invite your closest high school pals to help you organize or ask those who live at far for some monetary assistance if they could. The fund can be used for venue deposits, catering services, decorations and favors.

20th high school reunion#5 Set- up the ‘memory throwback lane’.

Since it will be a reunion, you and your friends shall be reliving the good/ bad old days. Be sure your venue’s dressed up for the part along with the music playlist on the background.

#6 Personalize favors and accessories.

With your friends’ help, try to bring a personal touch to everything you will be using- from favors to prizes. You can make up name tags for your former classmates, or you can create a high school- like seating arrangement.

Celebrate the past 20 years in a night filled of reminiscence and memories. Commemorate re-connected friendships and never lost yet found over again friendships.

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