Taking Fun and Excitement to another Level with Christmas Party Games

christmas party games

‘BER’ months are here, and this only means one thing – the countdown to Christmas begins!

A few days after Halloween, some churches, schools, and companies will already celebrate an early Christmas party. Of course, what comes along with such a party are Christmas party games.

Wondering what games would make your Christmas party the talk of the town? Well then, here are the top three Christmas party games that will surely make all your guests fall off their chairs.

Christmas Games for Parties for Children and Adults

Three Fun and Exciting Christmas Party Games

#1: Name that Holiday Tune

Christmas party gamesThis is the same as the classic ‘Name the Title of that Song’ game. For this game, the DJ plays a few notes of a Christmas song and the participants will guess the title.

If it’s a children’s Christmas party, then prepare songs like Jingle Bells, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, etc.

If it’s an adult Christmas party, then make sure to download beforehand more complex songs such as Oh Come All Ye Faithful or Gloria in Excelsis Deo. Otherwise, if it is a company Christmas party, then you can stir up the minds of your co-workers and bosses a little by also letting them guess the artist.

#2: Christmas Message Relay Game

This game needs seven to ten participants per group. The DJ, who also serves as the emcee, will whisper a long and confusing Christmas message to the first persons on each line.

An example of the message is: “Every Christmas, my parents, my dog named Katie, and I would go to Springfield, Alabama.” Keep in mind that in the United States, Springfield is also a name of a place in Arkansas and thirty other states. This will cause confusion to some of the participants but that is exactly what you need.

The first person will relay (whisper) the message to the second person, respectively. The last person in line should run to you and say the given sentence correctly. The first group to do so earns the point.

#3: Stop Dance

Christmas party gamesWho does not know this game? This is one of the most popular Christmas party games because it’s certainly fun.

The usual mechanics are: while the DJ plays an upbeat song, the participants dance, when the music pauses, they should freeze. But why not do it the other way around? While there is no music, all participants should dance, and when the DJ plays a song, they should stop. Dancing without music – isn’t that hilarious?

Christmas party gamesSo, you already know what Christmas party games to play.

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