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Best Music for Wedding Reception Dinner

Best Music For Wedding Reception Dinner When organizing a wedding reception dinner, you think about a bunch of things of different importance: food, guest list, location, and music, of course. What style to choose? How to create a relaxing and jolly atmosphere? Here are several tips that will help you choose the right music for

The Ultimate Wedding Cocktail Hour Playlist

The Ultimate Wedding Cocktail Hour Playlist What’s special about the cocktail hour is that this time doesn’t feature any symbolism and meaning. It’s just the time for chatting, cocktailing, and enjoying other activities the couple has planned. What songs to play during this time? Here is the ultimate wedding cocktail hour playlist. The right vibe

Top 5 Wedding DJ Tips You Need to Check Out

5 Wedding DJ Tips According to Gladwell’s 10,000-Hour Rule, in order to become a professional in some field, one must practice for 10,000 hours. Of course, many people question the truthfulness of this rule. 10,000 hours of constant practicing seems to be like something unrealistic. As a professional wedding DJ, I understand the importance of

How to Create the Best Wedding DJ Playlist Everyone Will Love

Tips for Creating a Wedding DJ Playlist There is no formula for musical tastes. We all love different genres. Sometimes we can’t even explain to our friends why a certain artist makes us cry with happiness. This is completely normal. However, what should a person do if there is a need to create a music playlist

Planning a Wedding of Your Dreams in 10 Steps (Part 2)

There are several things left before saying “I do” in front of the closest people on the whole Earth. You’ve already created a checklist, compiled a guest list, set up your budget, etc. What’s next? Here are 5 more steps for planning a perfect wedding. Make sure to check the part of this plan. Planning

How to choose the best wedding music for your reception.

Countless hours have went into getting your wedding party together, choosing a wedding venue, looking at wedding dresses and tuxedos, lets face it, the list can go on and on and then you reach that point when you realize – no time has went into selecting your wedding music. Now, you’re going to have to