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5 EDM Tracks of the 2000s That Are Now Classics

A couple of months ago, we compiled some of our favorite r&b dance tracks from the 2000s. The music world, however, is vast and dance music is celebrated in many forms so today, let’s shift our focus to another conduit of dance tunes: electronic music. Though electronic music has been present for decades, the 80’s

Best Dance R&B Songs from the 2000s

Best Dance R&B Songs from the 2000s Anytime I have the opportunity to DJ an event that calls for r&b songs from the 2000s, I usually jump all over it. Between 90s r&b music and 00s r&b music, I think it’s some of the best music to dance to. Take a listen to this list

10 Forgotten 90s R&B Songs

90s R&B Songs I Bet Your Forgot You may or may not have completely forgotten about these 90s r&b songs, but when you hear them, they will definitely bring back some memories. Occasionally events will call for our DJ to play some 90s r&b songs. Whether it’s background music at a wedding or a song that

The Ultimate Wedding Cocktail Hour Playlist

The Ultimate Wedding Cocktail Hour Playlist What’s special about the cocktail hour is that this time doesn’t feature any symbolism and meaning. It’s just the time for chatting, cocktailing, and enjoying other activities the couple has planned. What songs to play during this time? Here is the ultimate wedding cocktail hour playlist. The right vibe

Top 10 Best Valentine’s Day Songs Of All Time

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I thought I’d count down the top 10 best valentines day songs of all time. It seems like after the new year passed, we were right into Valentine’s Day season. Here are my picks for the best Valentine’s Day songs of all time. Valentine’s Day Party Mix Best Valentine’s