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The Ultimate Wedding Reception Dinner Songs Playlist

Wedding Reception Dinner Songs A wedding is a special day that should be full of special moments. If you want to have the best memories about this day, surround yourself with the right guests, let positive emotions get the upper hand over worries, and don’t forget about the music. Here are the loveliest wedding reception

How to Create the Best Wedding DJ Playlist Everyone Will Love

Tips for Creating a Wedding DJ Playlist There is no formula for musical tastes. We all love different genres. Sometimes we can’t even explain to our friends why a certain artist makes us cry with happiness. This is completely normal. However, what should a person do if there is a need to create a music playlist

Questions to Ask Your DJ Before You Hire Them

Questions to ask your DJ before you hire them When choosing a DJ for your wedding or event, whoever you decide to work with will have a lot of control over your event. You are entrusting that person with the overall outcome of your event. It is important that you meet and get a good

How we Prepare for a DJ Gig

A lot of people have this conception of DJs that we just show up to events and press play. What they don’t know about is everything we have to do to prepare for a DJ gig. There are hours of prep work that go into every event. Here are 10 preparation steps we take, to