Sweet 16 Party At Northwood Hall In Bellingham

northwood hall bellingham sweet 16 party dj

Road trip to Bellingham, WA for a sweet 16/halloween party at Northwood Hall. 60 of the birthday girl’s friends and family were in attendance.

Unfortunately I did not take a lot of pictures or videos at this event but I’ll do my best to explain how it went.

Sweet 16 Birthday at Northwood Hall in Bellingham, WA

Guests started to arrive right at 7:00 pm with upbeat, current background music playing. Some were dancing, others were eating and drinking.

The room was very decorated with halloween decor all over the place. Candy, halloween themed cupcakes were a few of the different food that was there.

Since the parents provided about 15 gifts, my assistant and I decided to do games and activities and give out raffle tickets to the winners which we would then draw for the prizes in the end.

We started with the “no” game which is an all night game then at around 8:00 pm, we got started with our first game which was a hula hoop contest. It was the girl who could hula hoop the longest (which ended up being the birthday girl) going up against the guy who could hula hoop the longest (which ended up being her brother). The birthday girl ended up winning and she won five raffle tickets and since she won, all the girls in attendance also received a raffle ticket.

We did a mix of dancing and games for the remaining time. For the dance music, it was mostly current top 40 and hip hop with a little classic rock for the parents and grandparents and also a little old school hip hop.

The other games we played were the scavenger hunt, thread the needle, over/under balloon game and had some dance competitions.

Here is a video clip of the over/under balloon game

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