Stimson-Green Mansion Walkthrough

stimson green mansion seattle

Dubreezy Entertainment has an upcoming event at the Stimson-Green Mansion in the First Hill neighborhood of Seattle, WA. After doing a walkthrough of it, I wanted to give you my perspective of this venue.

This venue can be used for lots of different types of events like corporate holiday parties, birthday parties and weddings. Since the upcoming event is a wedding, we’ll look at it as a wedding venue for the purposes of this article. Since there wasn’t an event going on while doing the walkthrough, you’ll have to use your imagination on what it would like when there is an event going on.

Stimson-Green Mansion Seattle

When you first walk in this place, you can’t help it but your head moves as if it’s on a swivel. This place definitely has some character to it. It has been well preserved since the time it was built back in 1901. The architecture from back then is impressive. It’s very warm and cozy.

Here is what it looks like on the main floor.

This is the reception room off to the left as you enter the Stimson-Green Mansion. It would be used for tables and chairs during dinner or appetizers and even after the dancing has begun.

stimson green mansion seattle dining room

If you walk past that room and keep going straight, you’ll run into the dining room where the dinner buffet or appetizer table is held.

stimson green mansion seattle buffet room

To the right is the gallery where your DJ would most likely set up for the event.

stimson green mansion seattle dj booth

Down below is the library where the dance floor is. This would also be where there would be dinner tables if there was going to be a sit-down dinner. A wedding ceremony is also held in the library if there is going to be one.

stimson green mansion seattle dance floor

Here is another view of the same room…

stimson green mansion seattle dacne floor 2

If you head upstairs, you’ll find the rooms that the grooms quarters and the bridal suite are held.

stimson green mansion seattle grooms quarters

stimson green mansion seattle bridal suite

If you head back downstairs and continue on down to the basement, you’ll find a couple of hang out rooms. The first one has tables and chairs in it.

stimson green mansion seattle downstairs

Continue to the next room and you’ll find a billiard room. This is also a great place to set up another small DJ system with a background music playlist.

stimson green mansion seattle billiard room

stimson green mansion seattle pool room

Last room is the veranda, this is where the bar area is set up at.

stimson green mansion seattle veranda

Stimson-Green Mansion Summary

The Stimson-Green Mansion is a great, unique venue. It almost has a house party type of feel to it. If you are considering having an event at the Stimson-Green Mansion, I would highly recommend you see this place for yourself in person.

After you book it, hire a professional wedding and events DJ to handle the entertainment.

Contact Dubreezy Entertainment today to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation to discuss the details of your wedding and what we can do to help.