Space Needle Wedding Venue

space needle wedding

Choosing a wedding venue can prove to be like herding cattle if you’re not in the know. Many factors come into play so that you can choose a suitable wedding venue. Fundamentally, a wedding venue should comfortably accommodate your budget and the list of guests that will be attending the wedding.

Personal taste and preferences also play a pivotal part in determining a wedding venue. Nonetheless, if you’re planning to have your wedding in Seattle then, choosing a Space Needle Wedding will take care of all your worries on selecting the right venue.

The Space Needle wedding venue stands out like a billboard due to its unrivaled features.

Why choose a Space Needle wedding?

1. Amazing View

If you are more adventurous and want a panoramic view of Puget Sound, Seattle center or even the Olympic mountains then choosing a Space Needle wedding for your special day would give you all that on one plate. The amazing view offered by the Space Needle venue is second to none in Seattle.

This amazing view will absolutely give your wedding an exotic touch making it a memorable event.

space needle wedding

2. Amazing Foods and Bar

If you want your wedding to have some extravagance, then having a Space Needle wedding will add this through their luxurious foods and bars. Your guest will be thrilled by the kind of extravagance that will mark your big day.

3. Budget

Depending on your budget, having a Space Needle wedding is very workable with different budgets. If you are running on a small budget, it has different halls and services, tailor-made to suit your budget.

If you want to an over-the-top wedding, then the Space Needle will have you covered. The number of guests that will be attending your wedding will obviously influence your budget. The best part about having a Space Needle wedding is that it can accommodate a variety of different guest counts.

4. Hospitable Staff

Space Needle WeddingThe kind of services at the Space Needle are nothing short of top-notch.

The staff that will be catering for you are knowledgeable so you are assured that your wedding ceremony will flow smoothly. The staff is also warm and welcoming. They will positively make you feel like it is your home away from home.

5. Entertainment.

A wedding would not be complete without some great entertainment. At Space Needle wedding venue, they understand this, and that is why they give a green light for entertainment.

You can hire a DJ to pump some great music into your wedding. The Space Needle wedding is spacious with ample room to accommodate some dancing.

Space Needle Wedding Venue

Besides it being the landmark of all landmarks in Seattle, using the Space Needle as a wedding venue has many other advantages, your guests will be talking about your wedding for years to come.

If you’re planning a Space Needle wedding, let DUBREEZY ENTERTAINMENT provide you with an experienced Seattle wedding DJ so you can enjoy your wedding day with your guests. Contact us today for a free consultation.

photo credits:  Nicola (top) Gabriel Tompkins (middle) Duane Oxford (bottom)