Tips On Shotgun Weddings Seattle

shotgun weddings seattle

Shotgun weddings Seattle have become more and more common. Therefore, if you are planning to have one, you should be knowledgable with insightful tips on how to make your shotgun wedding in Seattle, an unforgettable event.

shotgun weddings seattleAs a rule of thumb, you should always start planning your shotgun wedding with a feasible budget.

Typical of any other type of wedding, planning a shotgun wedding in Seattle is no easy task. However, with some helpful tips, the rest of the shotgun wedding will be gravy.

Below are some tips that will guide you in having your ducks in a row for shotgun weddings Seattle.


Tips For Shotgun Weddings – Seattle


Entertainment is an integral part of a wedding. You have to ensure that the guests are well entertained at your wedding.

One of the ways to ensure guests are well entertained is music – good music. Shotgun weddings that are dull can cause your guests to start leaving early.

If you are planning to have your wedding in Seattle and you are on your wits end on how to ensure great music will punctuate your shotgun wedding event, then DUBREEZY ENTERTAINMENT will have you covered. DUBREEZY ENTERTAINMENT is a heavyweight entertainment powerhouse in Seattle, and will definitely keep your guest well entertained with great music.

Food and Refreshments

Of course, your shotgun wedding will not be a success if the guests’ stomachs are growling. Mouthwatering food should be a part of your shotgun wedding.

Drinks should also flow like the waters of the Amazon. Depending on the guest, alcohol, wine and soft drinks should do the trick.

The wedding cake should be the icing of the cake (pardon the pun) in your shotgun wedding.

The cutting of the cake should also be a special moment. You need to choose the most suitable music for the cutting of the cake. If you have no idea which song would suit best, then Dubreezy Entertainment can help you with song selection.


Photographs will serve as a reminder of a great shotgun wedding. Consequently, you should always hire a good photographer to take your photos.

Shotgun Weddings Seattle

Shotgun Weddings Seattle DJ Entertainment

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