Safe Wedding Prelude Songs

Wedding Prelude Songs

Selecting appropriate wedding prelude songs will give your wedding ceremony a much-needed harmonious touch. Wedding prelude songs are played before the wedding ceremony begins and they are supposed to set the tone of the wedding ceremony.

As always, selecting an experienced, professional DJ will go a long way in ensuring that beautiful songs are played at the right time during the wedding ceremony.

A seasoned DJ knows that prelude songs are songs played when the guest are taking their seats and ensures that these songs are relaxing; songs that make the guest close their eyes (of course not sleeping) and fade away with the melodic tunes of the songs.

Below are some great wedding prelude songs.

Great Wedding Prelude Songs

1. “Somewhere Over the Rainbow/ What a Wonderful World” by Israel Kamakawiwo’le

This is one of the wedding prelude songs that creates an ambience of love and serenity. “Somewhere over the Rainbow” is an indie classic that stacks up favorably as a wedding prelude song due to its soulful tunes and catchy lyrics.

2. “All for Love” by Bryan Adams

Wedding prelude songs are supposed to cast a love-in-the-air atmosphere in a wedding ceremony. Furthermore, love is the cornerstone for every wedding. Bryan Adams’ “All for Love” song is a timeless, wonderful wedding prelude song to paint love in the air in any wedding.

The lyrics of the song are also very inspirational, as they not only touch on love but also commitment between two lovebirds.

3. “Moonlight Sonata” (piano) by Beethoven

Wedding prelude songs don’t always have to have lyrics. The prelude song can be just classical melodious instruments. One of such songs is the “Moonlight Sonata.”

This song proves to be a heavyweight wedding prelude song due to its enchanting transcendence. If your guests will include people who are well-versed with classical piano music repertoire, then “moonlight sonata” should be a must in your prelude songs playlist.

4. “River Flows in You” by Yiruma

This is another classical instrumental song to play during the prelude of a wedding. The song is strikingly processional and can also be a song played while the bride walks down the aisle.

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