Best Dance R&B Songs from the 2000s

rb songs from the 2000s

Best Dance R&B Songs from the 2000s

Anytime I have the opportunity to DJ an event that calls for r&b songs from the 2000s, I usually jump all over it. Between 90s r&b music and 00s r&b music, I think it’s some of the best music to dance to.

Take a listen to this list of r&b songs from the 2000s that I like to use while DJing an event that calls for this music.

10 Best R&B Songs from the 2000s to Dance to 

1. Public Announcement – “Mamacita” (2002)

2. Marques Houston – “Pop That Booty” feat Jermaine Dupri (2003)

3. Ray J – “Wait A Minute” (2001)

4. Jamie Foxx – “With You” feat Snoop Dogg and The Game (2005)

5. Kelly Price – “You Should’ve Told Me” (2000)

6. Megan Rochelle – “The One You Need” feat Fabolous (2006)

7. Music Soulchild – “Buddy” (2007)

8. Toni Braxton – “Please” (2005)

9. Usher – “Bad Girl” (2004)

10. T-Pain – “Freeze” feat Chris Brown (2008)

R&B Songs from the 2000s Playlist

Here are all of the songs in a playlist format for your listening enjoyment.

Are there any r&b songs that you would’ve added to this list? If so, leave them in the comments below.

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photo credit: Raymond Adriano