Questions To Ask A Wedding Venue

questions to ask a wedding venue

Have you ever decided on something and after you decided on it, you learn something about it that if you had known before, you would’ve never decided on it and it’s too late to change your mind? It can be a very frustrating situation to be in.

To help you avoid ever being caught in that situation over the wedding venue you choose, I’ve put together a list of questions to ask a wedding venue that you may be considering to use for your wedding.

What To Look For When Choosing A Wedding Venue

I’m sure there are lots of questions to ask a wedding venue before making a final decision on one however these questions are just ones to add to your list.

Questions To Ask A Wedding Venue

Questions To Ask A Wedding Venue

1. Can you demonstrate how your lighting system works?

This is important because you want to make sure the lighting in the venue can be dimmed. This particularly matters when you have DJ dance floor lighting. If the lights can’t be dimmed, or turned off depending on the DJ lighting system used, they will have little to no effect at all and is an easy way to cut the energy level on the dance floor in half.

Even if you choose not to have dance floor lighting, you still want to have the option for mood lighting during dinner or for any candles you may light.

Choose a venue that allows you to dim or turn off the lights.

2. Is everything in the same room?

A quick way to make your party not feel like a party is when the bar is in one area, there’s an outdoor patio for guests to go hang out on in another area, there’s a lobby area that guests have access too, the point being is if there are too many different areas for your guests to wander to, they will.

What happens is all the guests are spread out and no one is on the dance floor. Now I understand that just because people aren’t dancing doesn’t mean they’re not having fun but if you are looking for a dance party for your event and you’ve hired a professional DJ, you want a venue that has everything in one room. This way the guests are in the party the whole time and your DJ can make sure the energy level for the party stays high.

3. Are there any noise restrictions?

Some wedding venues have a certain time that music has to be off or the volume has to be turned down. If you’re not aware of this rule you might be looking at early ending to a fun party.

I have DJ’d many wedding receptions that will end at 11 but due to noise ordinances the music has to be turned down at 10. Even if it’s something you already knew before you booked it, and you still decided to book it, think about the fun celebration that will be going on only to then have to turn the music down.

Have your reception end at the same time the noise ordinance starts, if you’re at a venue that has one or choose a venue that doesn’t have one at all.

I hope you found these questions to ask a wedding venue helpful and insightful.

Please leave any questions or comments below.

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