Private Party Venues In Seattle

private party venues seattle

When it comes to selecting a venue for your private event in Seattle, I’m a big believer in making sure the venue does not have a lot of different rooms where your guests can go because it can put a damper on the party when all your guests are spread out.

There are some instances when it is necessary to have a few different rooms in your venue space. Some examples might be at a kids party where kids are in one part of the venue and adults are in another part of the venue or fundraisers where there might be a silent auction in one part of the venue and dinner and dancing in another part of the venue.

In any event, Seattle is filled with private party venues that can accommodate events that require multiple rooms.

Here’s a list of six private party venues in Seattle that you might want to consider if your event requires more than one room.

Top Picks For Private Party Venues In Seattle

Center For Urban Horticulture

private party venues seattle

The main part of this venue is a big room perfect for the main portion of your event. It has several additions that you can add on to your rental, one in particular that I like is the Merrill Commons. It is an atrium-like room completely surrounded by glass. This is a great venue to consider for your event.

Pacific Tower

private party venues seattle

This venue has some of the most breathtaking views of the Seattle skyline. The panoramic room in the Pacific Tower is great because it has a good size foyer before entering the actual panoramic room. This venue is also run by Farestart catering if you’re looking for great caterers.

Argosy Cruises

private party venues seattle

How about a boat cruise? Most of the argosy ships have two levels to them. There could be something going on on the top floor of the boat and something else going on on the bottom floor. Just make sure all your guests arrive on time and want to stay until the end because it will set sail at a certain time and return at a certain time.

Ballard Bay Club

private party venues seattle

There is so much room in this venue, plenty of parking, great acoustics and easy to get to. There would be no issue having an event here that requires multiple rooms.

Hard Rock Cafe Seattle

private party venues seattle

I’ve done some epic events at the Hard Rock Cafe in Seattle. On the second floor, you’ve got the club like room with a sound system already in place. Another rooftop location on the third floor for various other activities. Just the fact that it’s the Hard Rock already gives you a head start on the party vibe.

The Swedish Club

private party venues seattle

The Swedish Club is great because there are multiple rooms and floors and the top floor is set up like a club complete with a full bar. The is a great venue to consider if you need a lot of space and rooms.

Seattle Private Party Venues

I hope this list gave you some venues to look at or at the very least some ideas to think about when selecting a venue for your private event. Did your favorite venue make the list?

If you’re planning a private event in the Seattle area and want a great DJ, contact the entertainment professional at Dubreezy Entertainment and schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to get pricing or call us at 206-595-4948.

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