Planning a Wedding of Your Dreams in 10 Steps (Part 2)

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There are several things left before saying “I do” in front of the closest people on the whole Earth. You’ve already created a checklist, compiled a guest list, set up your budget, etc. What’s next? Here are 5 more steps for planning a perfect wedding. Make sure to check the part of this plan.

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6. Making a research

There are so many professionals in the wedding sphere. However, not everyone will take your wedding planning as serious as you do. Finding the best suppliers, personnel, and other people turning a simple party into the best wedding will be life changing for you. So remember – no hasty decisions.

Planning a wedding becomes easy with these 10 tips.

7. Booking the wedding venue

You may find many great wedding venues in Seattle. However, you can’t be sure if they can accommodate your date and budget. Making all the needed arrangements, contacting the venue representatives, and finally booking the place are the crucial points on your “planning a wedding list”.

8. Choosing the entertainment

Your wedding has to be fun, romantic, and truly yours. Finding the best wedding DJ service, you’ll make sure that the atmosphere at your wedding will be impeccable. Music has a massive impact on your guests, your mood, and the general impression. So make sure you find professionals. If you want the program on your celebration to include many entertainers, think about the theme of your wedding and whether such things as magic tricks will be appropriate.

Planning a wedding becomes easy with these 10 tips.

9. Checking the menu

What about the catering? Some venues have on site catering. If the chosen wedding venue doesn’t, it’s high time you’ve started looking for professional outside catering companies. They may also provide the drinks and help you with menus choices. Remember that when doubting you may ask your relatives and friends for help.

10. Having fun

Remember that planning a wedding is all about the wedding, not the planning! So don’t allow any fears ruin the perfect day. Have fun! And live happily ever after!

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