Planning Tips from a High School Homecoming DJ

high school homecoming dj

Planning Tips from a High School Homecoming DJ

It’s 80 degrees out, you’re busy treating your Seafair sunburn, and the last thing on your mind is your high school homecoming DJ. But September is only three weeks away.

What arrives with fall, school, football, and homecoming? For reasons you forgot, you volunteered to chair the homecoming committee and it’s time to get to work on the plans.

It’s time to begin texting, emailing or calling your other volunteers. A successful homecoming is all about the planning. In fact, planning began last spring for the event, but September snuck up on you so fast.

Your school events include a homecoming dance, a parade, and the football game. Your committee sent out invitations to alumni last spring and booked a local venue off campus for the dance party. Your committee treasurer set a budget for all the events.

Now, your group needs to design promotional materials right away, all the signs, banners and invites necessary to entice a crowd for homecoming. Your theme figures prominently in the design.

Book a High School Homecoming DJ

Remind your members in charge of food and entertainment to book a high school homecoming DJ right away for the dance party. You’ll also need a caterer if the venue doesn’t offer the food and drinks that your group prefers, photo booth and photographer.

Summer is not over yet, but a homecoming committee meeting now keeps the ball rolling toward an outstanding homecoming. Your board ensures the best food and music to accompany the crowd for homecoming.

If you are planning a homecoming in Seattle, Tacoma or anywhere in the Pacific Northwest and want a great homecoming DJ, contact the professional school dance DJs at Dubreezy Entertainment or give us a call at 206-595-4948.

Photo credit: Ron Cogswell (top) Mike Alcoran (bottom)