How We Perform The Anniversary Dance

how our djs do the anniversary dance

The anniversary dance is an interactive dance that can be done at a wedding reception to find out the best advice, the couple thats been married the longest, has for the newlyweds.

The Anniversary Dance Explained

The way it works is the DJ/MC will invite all the married couples out on the dance floor, including the newlyweds, for a couples dance.

After a portion of the song has played, the DJ/MC will start to ask the couples that have been married less than five years to leave the dance floor. The couples that have been married less than 10 years are asked to leave next.

Usually we’ll go in increments of five years depending on the amount of couples and length of the anniversary dance song.

Once the song ends, you should have the couple thats been married the longest left on the dance floor.

The DJ/MC will then go out to find out who they are and how they are related to the couple and that million dollar question – “What advice can you give the new couple to help make their marriage last?”

anniversary dance

It makes for a great moment to last in the memory bank.

For larger groups, we’ll use two songs so it doesn’t feel rushed.

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