Party Planning Checklist for a Successful Celebration

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party planning checklistBeing organized is different from being a perfectionist or being OCD. Of course, if a big and special event is approaching, then it is crucial to be prepared.

A month-long preparation could be enough; as long as you see to it you have not missed on the essentials. To make the entire preparation less laborious, here is an ideal party planning checklist you must heed to.

Sure enough, if you follow this checklist, you will entertain your guests with glamour on the day of the party and not look ‘stressed’.

Party Planning Checklist Four/Three Weeks Before

party planning checklist√ Determine your budget.
√ Decide for the venue and theme of the party.
√ Make an invitation list.
√ Make the invitation cards.
√ Send the invitations.
√ Plan the menu.

Party Planning Checklist Two Weeks Before

√ Prepare all kitchen utensils to be used.
√ Prepare all materials for the decorations.
√ Make a playlist; if you plan to hire a DJ, then tell him what songs you prefer.
√ Make the initial grocery shopping.

Party Planning Checklist One Week Before

√ If it is a soiree, then clean your house. If not, then quickly check the venue.
√ Start decorating the ceiling or wall, perhaps you want hanging LED lights.
√ Follow up some guests who have not yet confirmed their attendance.

Party Planning Checklist Two/One Day Before

party planning checklist√ Finalize the decorations.
√ Set the chairs and tables.
√ Start preparing, chopping, or cooking foods that can be refrigerated such as sauces and salad dressings so you will just reheat them on the day of the party.
√ Clean your house again.

Party Planning Checklist on the Actual Day of the Party

√ Cook/reheat and display foods.
√ Prepare yourself; wear your best look.
√ Greet guests
√ Enjoy!

For more tips regarding party planning, check out this video:

All the preparations are over, the guests are here, but remember the party has not ended yet. Being the host, it is your responsibility to keep them entertained. Hire an experienced DJ. While your guests are enjoying a sumptuous meal and filling their stomach, the DJ will fill their heart and soul with awesome music. Check out how a DJ from DUBREEZY ENTERTAINMENT can help on your next party.

photo credit:  Michael (aka Moik) McCullough (top)