The Paper Plane Game [VIDEO]

paper plane game seattle company picnic dj

The paper plane game is a contest we play while providing DJ entertainment at company picnic parties. This contest is usually held with a number of other interactive DJ games we do at these types of events.

The game only produces one winner but occasionally we’ll make it where the first, second and third place people get rewarded.

Here are some instructions on how we pull off the paper plane game.

How The Paper Plane Game Works

It’s really quite simple to play this game. All of the participants are given a sheet of paper. They receive an allotment of time to make a paper airplane. The object is to try and make the paper airplane so that it will be able to fly the furthest.

paper plane game

Once it’s time for the contest to start, all the participants will come to a designated spot to throw their paper airplane. They will be thrown one at a time. Slides will count but if one participants plane gets bumped forward by another participants plane then that will not count.

The person whose plane went the furthest is the winner. The winner gets rewarded and sometimes we’ll reward the entire department that the winner works in.

Here is a great example of a paper plane game being done at a staff meeting with the prize being a free trip to a “fancy” restaurant. You’ll be surprised on how easy you may think it sounds but how hard it appears to be for some of these folks…

The Paper Plane Game And More

DUBREEZY ENTERTAINMENT can provide fun DJ entertainment for your next summer company picnic. We can perform the paper plane game and many other summer picnic DJ games.

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Photo credit: johnniec (top) woodleywonderworks (bottom)

Video credit: Soulpepper Theatre Company