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Top 5 Wedding DJ Tips You Need to Check Out

5 Wedding DJ Tips According to Gladwell’s 10,000-Hour Rule, in order to become a professional in some field, one must practice for 10,000 hours. Of course, many people question the truthfulness of this rule. 10,000 hours of constant practicing seems … Read More

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What’s included in our wedding DJ packages?

Our Wedding DJ Packages Explained All of our wedding DJ packages include everything needed to provide a complete wedding entertainment experience. There are also optional add-ons to customize the packages to fit your needs. We will first talk about what’s included in … Read More

what is uplighting
What is Uplighting?

What is uplighting? Over the course of planning for your wedding or event, you will probably come across the term uplighting but may not know exactly what it is. Well, that brings us to the question of what exactly is … Read More

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Double Discounts on Wedding DJ Costs

We’re Lowering Your Wedding DJ Costs March is double discount month here at Dubreezy Entertainment which means you save on your wedding DJ costs. If you find that planning for a wedding has become financially overwhelming, we’ve got good news for … Read More

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How we Prepare for a DJ Gig

A lot of people have this conception of DJs that we just show up to events and press play. What they don’t know about is everything we have to do to prepare for a DJ gig. There are hours of … Read More

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