Non Traditional Wedding Reception Timeline

non traditional wedding reception timeline seattle dj

Traditional or non traditional wedding reception? That’s the million dollar question you may be asking yourself about which one you should have.

There are many benefits to following a traditional wedding reception timeline but there are even bigger benefits to following a non traditional wedding reception timeline.

In a non traditional wedding environment, you have the power to create whatever kind of flow you want for your special day. You also have the power to include things or not include things typically found at a wedding reception or even add your own stuff. As a result your guests will remember your wedding reception like no other one they’ve ever been to.

Here is what a sample non traditional wedding reception timeline would look like. Put yourself in the shoes of these guests. We will assume this is for a six hour wedding reception.

Non Traditional Wedding Reception Timeline Example

5:00 pm Guests Arrival
6:15 pm Grand Entrance
6:20 pm First Dance
6:25 pm Welcome And Blessing
6:30 pm Dinner
7:30 pm Toasts
7:45 pm Cake Cutting
7:50 pm Light Open Dance
8:15 pm Wedding Shoe Game
8:30 pm Parent Dance
8:35 pm Parent Dance
8:40 pm Anniversary Dance
8:45 pm Open Dance
9:30 pm Bouquet Toss
9:35 pm Garter Toss
10:45 pm Last Dance
10:50 pm Grand Exit
11:00pm Guests Depart

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Benefits of Using this Non Traditional Wedding Reception Timeline

Here are the benefits to using this non traditional wedding reception timeline:

► There is enough time for the couple to go around to all the tables for a meet and greet.

► There is space for the wedding DJ to turn on some jams before the official open of the dance floor with the light open dance section.

► It has an interactive wedding game scheduled. The wedding shoe game.

► It leaves time for the newlyweds to make a grand exit or send off.

Choose to use a non traditional wedding reception timeline and at your wedding and let DUBREEZY ENTERTAINMENT help you bring it to life.

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photo credit: J. Dickert