Non Traditional Wedding Ceremony Tips

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Your wedding is supposed to be the best and grandest day of your life. However in most cases, weddings become ordinary because the organizers, and most especially the couple themselves, do not take the time to look for new and interesting ideas.

The ceremony is perhaps the most crucial part of any wedding. If you want to make your wedding unique and like no other, then here are three non traditional wedding ceremony tips you should heed to.

Three Non Traditional Wedding Ceremony Tips for a One-of-a-Kind Wedding

#1 Plan your own ceremony. If you want to make everything about your wedding unique, then add a touch of your own style to it.

While traditional ceremonies would normally begin with the officiant doing all the talking and giving long opening remarks; you can start your own ceremony with a dance, somewhat a tribal ritual.

Furthermore in traditional ceremonies, the flower girls, bride’s maids and the bride would walk down the aisle while the groom waits near the ceremony altar.

If you want your wedding to be different, then you can just let the principal and secondary sponsors stand in the pews. You, as the bride, walk down the aisle while a slideshow plays in the background.

#2 Get your loved ones involved. In traditional ceremonies, after the couple has reached the altar, the officiant will proceed directly to the exchange of vows.

One non traditional wedding ceremony tip is to get your family members and friends involved.

Stir up the poetic powers of your in-laws by asking them to make a poem and read it in front of the guests before the exchange of vows. Otherwise, you can ask your sisters to sing and your brothers to write your love story and read it during the reception.

#3 Think outside the box! This includes choosing a unique wedding venue; perhaps a theatre where your first date was. If you know how to play a musical instrument, then offer your partner a song.


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Before you say “I Do”, you can share a funny story just to ease up the tension. Invite your relatives from abroad. Hire a band! And of course, hire the services of a professional DJ to do all your hosting and/or music needs.

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photo credit:  Jackie (top) Kate Hiscock (bottom)