Do You Need A DJ For Your Wedding Ceremony?

Do You Need A DJ For Your Wedding Ceremony?

In most cases, you will need a DJ for your wedding ceremony. Just because there won’t be any dancing doesn’t mean you don’t need one.

You may even have live musicians performing for your ceremony but most of the time, you will still need a DJ

Here’s why…

Why You Need A DJ For Your Wedding Ceremony

To Be Heard

Need A DJ For Your Wedding Ceremony

It is your DJs job to provide a sound system to ensure that your guests can hear everything clearly and at a comfortable level. Your officiant, you and your significant other will all be speaking during the ceremony. Without a DJ, no one will be able to hear you unless they are sitting in the front row.

You can try to speak loudly but usually the nerves are kicking in and you’re not really paying attention to your voice levels. Your DJ will make sure those special moments aren’t missed.


Your DJ will also act as your sound technician. The last thing anyone wants to hear at your wedding ceremony is that irritating microphone feedback noise. The DJ will make sure to adjust the settings if there were to be some feedback.

Your DJ can also keep the volume at levels appropriate for each speaker. Some people will speak softly and some people will speak loudly. Your DJ can make the adjustments as needed.

Play Music

As guests are arriving for your wedding ceremony, there needs to be some type of soft music playing in the background. This is known as the prelude. You’re going to want your DJ to be playing some wedding prelude songs. Your DJ will also play the processional music and recessional music too. This is an exception if you’re going to be having a live musician provide ceremony music.

What if my venue provides a sound system?

A lot of wedding venues have the ceremony in one location and the reception in another location. Your DJ will typically bring two sound systems. If the venue provides a ceremony sound system, this will save you some money on the wedding DJ since they will not have to bring the additional sound system. Still check with your DJ about the venue’s sound system to make sure it’s a good set up.

Unless the venue provides someone to run it during your ceremony also, then you would still need a DJ.

You should now be an expert on whether or not you need a DJ for your wedding ceremony. Leave any questions or comments below.

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