Modern Wedding Processional Songs

Modern Wedding Processional Songs

With capricious nature of life, the phrase ‘different ropes for different folks’ holds water far and wide. That is why different people opt for different themes and songs in their wedding. Some modern couples fancy their wedding being punctuated with modern wedding processional songs as oppressed to the classical oldies.

One of the best ways to ensure that only the best modern wedding processional songs will be playing in your wedding is by choosing a great DJ. Such a DJ will help you choose some of the best modern wedding processional songs.

Below are some of the finest modern wedding processional songs.

1. “All of Me” by John Legend

A song that epitomizes love and robustly brings out the sentiments of loving someone regardless of their imperfections is a great processional song. This is the reason John Legend’s song ‘All of me’ tops this list of modern wedding processional songs.

The song even goes a notch higher and cements the vows for newlyweds when the lyrics spew ‘You are my end and my beginning.’

2. “How Long Will I Love You” by Ellie Goulding

This is yet another heartfelt love song that starts with a soothing sophistication that best suits a wedding procession. ‘How Long Will I Love You’ is a sweet and mellow song whose straightforward lyrics melts even the stone-hearted. The singers beautiful vocals also come out vivid in a warm affectionate manner. The song’s lyrics also echo the theme of wedding because it speaks of sticking with each other.

3. “Riptide” by Vance Joy

“Riptide’ by Vance joy is a great modern wedding processional song that colors the wedding with message of celebrating life and love. The song is a little bit fast and has a vivacious tune that only adds to make the wedding more lovely and lively. This song would be great choice for indie song lovers.

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photo credit:  Ryan Hyde