10 Perfect Wedding Cake Cutting Songs

wedding cake cutting songs

Good wedding cake cutting songs are fun and sweet. Choosing the right one is going to be how you and your fiance/partner are feeling.

You can go with a modern cake cutting song or a more traditional one. Here are some of our favorite wedding cake cutting songs we like to suggest to our clients when they need some ideas.

5 Modern Wedding Cake Cutting Songs

1. John Legend | “Stay With You” | 2004

John Legend should be a must at every wedding, his voice and lyrics are perfect for the occasion.

2. Michael Franti & Spearhead | “Say Hey (I Love You)” | 2008

This one us upbeat and will get the guests excited for the dancing that will be starting soon.

3. Bruno Mars | “Just The Way You Are” | 2010

This is also another song that should be used somewhere in your wedding, why not for your cake cutting ceremony.

4. Michael Jackson | “Love Never Felt So Good” | 2014

The king of pop is still releasing quality music. Here is a great upbeat love song.

5. Jason Mraz | “Lucky” | 2008

This is a more mellow song for a mellow wedding.

5 Traditional Wedding Cake Cutting Songs

1. Harry Connick Jr. | “Recipe For Love” | 1990

Here’s a great traditional cake cutting song but not that old.

2. Adam Sandler | “Grow Old With You” | 1998

From the movie “The Wedding Singer” makes this song the perfect choice for a cake cutting ceremony.

3. Frank Sinatra | “Love And Marriage” | 1953

Very popular choice, over the years, for cake cutting music.

4. Marvin Gaye or James Taylor | How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) | 1965 & 1975

These two songs are the most requested wedding cake cutting songs of all time. Take your pick, both versions are great.

5. The Archies or Wilson Pickett | “Sugar, Sugar” | 1969 & 1970

Another set of most requested wedding cake cutting songs of all time.

Wedding Cake Cutting Songs Playlists

Here are both the modern and traditional wedding cake cutting songs in playlist format for your listening pleasure.

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photo credit:  Kristin Ausk