Interactive DJ Game – Heads or Tails (One Winner)

Interactive DJ Game Coin Toss

Are you looking for a fun and exciting way to give out a single prize at your next company party? Here’s a great idea we use at our DJ entertainment company to accomplish just that. It can be used in any audience size and everyone can be involved.

Besides the actual event and the people, here’s what you’ll need:

  • coin
  • prize

DJ Game:  Heads or Tails

The DJ game is simply called heads or tails. Here’s how it works:

      1. Our DJ or MC will have all guests stand up and ask everyone to either put their hand on their head or put it on their tail.
      2. The DJ will flip the coin. If it lands on heads, everyone who had their hand on their head remains standing and everyone who had their hand on their tail has to sit down and vice versa.
Company Party DJ Seattle
Coin toss at Super Bowl XLVIII – Seattle 43 Denver 8
      1. Repeat steps one and two until you are down to a handful of people.
      2. Bring the remaining participants to the front of the room.
      3. Now we have to make sure that during each round, at least one participant has to choose different from all the other participants.
      4. Repeat steps one and two again until you are down to one person remaining. That person is the winner.

This thrilling contest can really bring the energy level in a room up quick and provides a great way to give out a prize. Different variations of this contest can also be done with other strategies or if you need multiple winners.

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photo credit:  Gerwin Sturm (top)

photo credit:  Fox Sports (bottom)