The Ideal Wedding Processional Order

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Most of the time, the wedding processional order is determined by culture and religion. Many people, especially those who are about to get married, ask, what is the correct wedding processional order?

Actually, there is no right or wrong when it comes to this part of the wedding. There is only traditional and ‘not-so-common’ processional order.

Wedding Processional Order according to a Customary Catholic Wedding

wedding processional order

The priest, along with the groom and the best man, does not walk down the aisle but rather wait at the altar.

In some weddings, the first people in the wedding processional order are the principal sponsors.

They are followed by pairs of groomsmen and bridesmaids.

Next, the ring bearer, the coin bearer, and the Bible bearer follow.

Then, cute flower girls shower the aisle with colorful flowers.

The last person to walk down the aisle in a Catholic wedding processional order is of course, the bride who is escorted by her parents.

Modern Wedding Processional Songs

Wedding Processional Order according to the Jews

In a traditional Jewish marriage, the wedding processional order is as follows:

  • the Rabbi or the Jewish priest
  • the grandparents of the bride
  • the grandparents of the groom
  • the groomsmen, the best man, the groom
  • the bridesmaids
  • the maid of honor
  • the ring bearer
  • the flower girls
  • and finally the bride (escorted by parents).

In general, a wedding processional order depends upon the type of ceremony. However, regardless of what wedding processional order you follow, one fact remains. A wedding DJ is certainly important during this part since he will be responsible in playing the processional song.

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