Ice Breaker Games For Corporate Events

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Our professional DJs have the perfect ice breaker games to host at your next corporate event. After the ice has been broken, the real fun can begin. That’s why we use only fun, interactive activities to kick off an event.

Once the ice is broken, we continue to play more games and contests to give guests a chance to win fabulous prizes typically provided by the company giving the party.

These ice breaker games below can work for either company holiday parties or summer picnics.

Ice Breaker Games For Kids

If there’s going to be kids at a company party that we are going to provide DJ and MC services for, it is a very good idea to get them involved first. We usually do this by passing out to each kid a:

  • balloon
  • string

The string just has to be long enough to tie around their ankle with the balloon attached.

ice breaker activities

After each kid has a balloon tied around their ankle as close to their ankle as possible, we will explain the object of the game.

An MC will instruct participants to try to stomp on everyone else’s balloon and pop it without getting your own popped.

It’s usually done to an upbeat song or two that matches the intensity of the game.

The last person remaining with their balloon not popped, wins the event and is rewarded with a better chance than everyone else to win a prize in the end.

Ice Breaker Games For Adults

After the kids are done, it’s time to break the ice for the adults. We usually do some sort of race and depending on the amount of people participating will decide how we make the teams.

In the past we’ve done men vs women, certain departments vs other departments (sales department vs customer service department, etc.), supervisors vs managers, etc.

There are many ice breaker games we can do for races but here’s an example of one.

How It Works

We’ll have the members from each team line up and each time the MC says “jump” they are to jump once towards the finish line. It’s repeated until the first person jumps across the finish line. That person wins the contest and is rewarded. All members of that persons category (men, women, sales department, etc.) will also be rewarded and they all will have a better chance at winning the big prizes at the end of the night.

ice breaker games

Feel free to share some ice breaker games that you’ve used that were great in the comments below.

Find out about other ice breaker games we can host at your next corporate event and make it a success by contacting us today!!!

photo credit:  Matthew Hoelscher (top) Warren Rohner (middle) Elvire.R. (bottom)