Ice Breaker Activities

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Blank stares and painful table silence can cast a gloomy ambience in any wedding reception. silence is not always golden.

Besides, no one enjoys a dull wedding reception. However, having brilliant ice breaker activities can be a good way to remedy the palpable silence and blank stares that might dog a wedding due to the guests being unacquainted with each other. Bearing in mind that the bride and groom’s relatives might not have earlier met, ice breaker activities offer a painless and fun opportunity for these relatives.

If you want your wedding reception to be fun, memorable and extremely exciting, below are some ice breaker activities (games and contests) you could employ;

Ideas for Ice Breaker Activities

1. Groom and Bride Trivia ice breaker

ice breaker activities

Having some trivia question about the newlyweds can be an enjoyable activity that gets everyone to talk. For example, you can make the guests answer something regarding the newlyweds before they enter the buffet line in the wedding reception. The question in the trivia should easy, like ‘which town does the bride, and the groom come from?’ This type of an ice breaker activity gives guests a chance to know more about the newlywed couple and have relevant topics to converse amongst themselves.

2. Table Topics

Getting people to sit on a table that mirrors their interests or personality is another way of getting people to talk. You can have a table for people who love travelling, a table for music or dog lovers, or even have a table for people who share the same profession.

Once the people settle in their specified tables, topics will always sprout out.

3. Dancing or Singing Games

Ice breakers are supposed to engage your guests and get them to loosen up. Dancing or singing games is one way of achieving engagement in your guests. You can pass coupons around tables, and the two guest who gets a coupon that bears the words ‘Dance’ have to dance with one another, regardless of their gender. However, you have to know that not everyone will enjoy the ice breaker activities, and some might even bail out.

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photo credits:  Tara Schmidt (top) DJ Roman J (bottom)