How we Prepare for a DJ Gig

how we prepare for a dj gig tacoma

A lot of people have this conception of DJs that we just show up to events and press play. What they don’t know about is everything we have to do to prepare for a DJ gig.

There are hours of prep work that go into every event. Here are 10 preparation steps we take, to ensure that the events we perform at turn out to be successful.

How we Prepare for a DJ Gig

1. We double check the music.

We have to make sure that all of your requests, special dance songs, background music, etc. is all ready to go. If it requires a playlist, then we have to make sure it’s created.

2. We figure out what to wear.

We must look as sharp as a tack for the grand occasion. Usually, with us, it will include some purple somewhere.

How we Prepare for a DJ Gig

3. Load up the equipment.

The equipment is most likely in a storage unit or at our home. Either way, we have to confirm the equipment needed, double check to make sure all equipment is working properly and load it into the vehicle.

4. Navigate to the event.

If it’s a venue that we’ve already been to, we would most likely know how to get there. If it’s a venue we haven’t been to then we will have to GPS it there. We also have to know how long it will take to get there and leave with enough extra time just in case anything pops up. That way when there’s traffic, no immediate access to the venue, needing extra time for parking or any other hiccup that could delay our arrival time, the event won’t get affected.

5. Check in.

Upon arrival to the venue, we’ve got to check in with the point of contact. Usually, it’s the wedding coordinator, venue contact or party planner. This is to confirm our set up location and best place to load in the equipment.

6. Set up DJ equipment.

We’ll have to unload the DJ equipment and set it up. If the vehicle is parked in a loading zone, we’ll have to go move the car too. Once the equipment is set up, we’ll do a sound/mic check.

How we Prepare for a DJ Gig

7. Get dressed.

I will usually have my slacks already on and put on my shirt, tie and/or vest/jacket with at least one of them being purple.

8. Perform the event.

This is the best part of being a DJ. This is where the fun starts. Creating a great time for you, your family and your friends. We’re constantly reading the crowd and coming up with other great songs that will fit into the night.

9. Pack up DJ equipment.

At the conclusion of the event, it’s time to break everything down and pack it back up into the car and hit the road. This is about the time when I say to myself “you wanted to be a DJ.

10. Unload the DJ equipment

If the storage unit has 24 hour access, we’ll drop off the DJ equipment and head on home. If it’s not 24 hour access, we’ll bring it back the next day and if we keep it at our house, we unload it when we get home and relax.

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