How to Plan a High School Reunion

how to plan a high school reunion dj

Voted the president of the class? Entrusted as the Senior Historian? Either of which, there is one common thing you are tasked to be doing for the years that’s coming. High school class reunion!

Yes, you shall be organizing this memorable event. However, doing so could be very demanding. Well, it should not be, you just need some proximally close pals, high level organizing skills and these steps on how to plan a high school reunion the best way possible!

How to Plan a High School Reunion: 10 Easy Steps

  1. Form a Reunion Committee. Two years before the tentative date, enlist a group of classmate volunteers who’s willing to help your unifying cause. Contact former mates who were involved in the student government and school clubs. Volunteers for fund assistance are also welcome.
  2. How to Plan a High School ReunionCreate a Social Network group. Assign one of your trusted volunteers to set up reunion groups in social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter and a reunion website for your class and event. For a start, contact the school registrar for a complete list of your batch and add everyone in the group to keep them in the reunion loop.
  3. Choose a date for the reunion. Consider special events such as holidays, college football games and local celebrations. Determine if the reunion will be like a one day event only or could last over the weekend or even a week. When selecting a date, try to collect the committee’s opinions and suggestions.
  4. Search for the venue. Get everyone’s majority say on what town/city it should be in. It could not be necessarily your home place but it’s the best option. List down potential restaurants, hotels, banquet halls in the area. Assign a committee member for each prospective venue to gather information on the facility.
  5. Look for suppliers and event vendors. Book a caterer, a DJ, a band and a photographer.
  6. Calculate all the costs including taxes and fees and set a ticket price per person. You can set up a ticket vendor online for virtual ticket purchases.
  7. How to Plan a High School ReunionPost the event information and ticket prices on the class website or group page.
  8. Pay deposits to all vendors six months before the reunion to confirm reservations.
  9. Advertise the changes on your social network and through emails; update everyone every two weeks.
  10. Finalize the payments and meet with committee to delegate specific duties during and after the event.

Organizing your high school reunion could be so strenuous but with the right people and these steps on how to plan a high school reunion to guide you, you will do just fine.

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photo credits:  Roanoke College (top) Maria Elana (middle) Tod Baker (bottom)